Why Brands Should Choose Humanism Over Consumerism

Why Brands Should Choose Humanism Over Consumerism

On Monday 23rd March, we made the responsible decision to temporarily close our brick and mortar due to the surge of the coronavirus, COVID-19, pandemic plaguing the world.

Though necessary, we shuddered to think that due to the fluidity of the virus, there was no telling just when we would swing our doors to welcome fashion-lovers from Barbados and the world once again.

A few days into resorting to a full online operation and tailoring our digital communication, we quickly realised that now wasn't the most opportune time for consumerism. We quickly curtailed and decided to channel our social strategy towards light entertainment and welcomed friendly distraction from the world around us.

It called for a realignment of our vision to one which sought to make this journey easier for our fans, friends and clients through fashion and lifestyle.

Photo by Scott Broome on Unsplash

Quoted by WWD (Women's Wear Daily) Designer Christian Siriano in his proposal to the fashion design community to use their resources to sew masks for New York City hospitals said: "...no body is buying clothes, so what can we do? Pitch in." - and we agreed.

Brands who work with celebrities and influencers should now redirect their activities, encouraging them to become conduits for health and safety tips rather than sales pitches.

While we understand the retort of a business to tap into the instinctive fight or flight defence - we suckered for it too - but now, more than ever, we need each others' education, leadership, love. The only way we can flatten this curve, is together.

- Stay safe, friends.

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