The Art of Waist Up Dressing [for Virtual Meetings]

The Art of Waist Up Dressing [for Virtual Meetings]

We're now more than a year into Pandemic life, this means WFH (Working From Home) is now common place for many executives. Though some may see this as an excuse to slack off, we've found ourselves styling many clients for their top-up virtual meetings. See our Style Guide for men and women here.


1. Design Your Ideal Meeting Room

The rectangular frame that you will sit in when on a virtual meeting, webinar or interview is super important to your overall look. In finding the perfect space, make sure you pay attention to:

  • Lighting, whether artificial or natural, make sure that your space is well lit. We suggest testing different lighting environments based on your interview location
  • Decor, a nice painting, book display or picturesque scene makes for a more appealing and captivating backdrop. Opt for spaces that are tidy, clutter-free and with minimal distracting elements


2. Camera Quality and Angles

Unless you're using a laptop or computer camera, most smartphones today come built-in with pretty powerful cameras which are handy for virtual meetings.


But if you’re really into your technology, we would suggest investing in a good standalone camera if you're going to be behind the camera quite often.

When positioning your camera, it is always best to erect it adjacent to where you're seated or standing; and at eye level. For phones or tablet devices, a tripod should be your BFF. This is, so that you are always looking forward toward the camera, at all times.


3. The Perfect Wardrobe

Now on to the bit we know you're really here for. 

Colours: Opt for colours or tones that pop out of your backgrounds rather than blend in i.e. a white background and a white shirt are a no-no

Prints & patterns: If you're wearing a strong print or pattern ensure that your background isn't busy or conflicting with your clothing or the background itself.

Styling: Scour your wardrobe for pieces which boast dramatic or interesting necklines, for women, and nice, warm colours, for men. We would caution staying away from colours close to your complexion or light colours which can become difficult to see in various lighting environments.


Our Top Styles - For Women



Our Top Styles - For Men



Need some help pulling your perfect wardrobe together. Drop up a message here.

Stay stylish,

Tashida ❤️

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