Closet Interview with Alex Jackson

Closet Interview with Alex Jackson

Today I'm meeting Alex Jackson, acclaimed creative director & fashion photographer. Many of you also know him as a talent manager, guiding the careers of many in the modeling industry and making it his mission to increase inclusivity. Follow him @alexjdiary.

Hello Alex! Welcome back from Milan. How were the shows?

I was very excited about this past fashion week in Milano – it’s my favorite city. This season, I attended the Dolce & Gabbana show exclusively and also made a pit stop at the GQ Best Dressed Men ceremony.

What were your thoughts on the D&G Collection?

The collection was an ode to Italian culture and focused on what Dolce & Gabbana do best. It was filled with bulky cable-knit jumpers, tweed overcoats, hefty greatcoats, trimmed shirts and a range of suits. Many of the pieces were easily transferrable from runway to the consumers.

Where do you like to go to escape during the hustle and bustle of Fashion Week?

Having the luxury of taking breaks during fashion week is rare, but my go to spot for treats is always Cioccolati Italiani near the D’uomo. They have the best gelato and chocolate, hands down.

What do you wear during fashion week?

I’m always working during the shows whether it’s taking care of talent or shooting, so I keep it minimal and clean with variations of white, gray and black. My Louis Vuitton sunglasses are of course a staple.

How do you pack for the shows?

Many years ago, I received this beautiful book from Louis Vuitton called “The Art Of Packing.” It changed my life and now I have packing down to a science. My wardrobe includes well-tailored gray and black pants, white sneakers and a variety of sweaters to keep everything simple. I prefer to dress appropriate and professional even though I’m behind the scenes.

Ready for a quick Q&A?

I spent too much money on: camera equipment and 35mm film.

I would love to go on vacation: in Morocco, I’ve heard nothing but good things.

I love wearing this fragrance: Sauvage by Dior

Photos courtesy Alex Jackson.

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