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Easy At Home Workout Routines

So your go-to gym is temporarily closed and your personal trainer suspended classes and is practicing social distancing? The struggle to stay active and self-motivate yourself, while self-isolating, is no easy feat.

It takes a different type of drive to pry oneself away from the couch and out of cosy loungewear to sweat it out on the living room floor (or outdoor deck).

Loungewear Looks To Get You Through Self-Isolation

We've pulled together our favourite At Home Workouts from the Insta-verse to help you come out of this with a famous bod.

Plus, we've got lots of new, irresistible collections in-store for you when we re-open, so we're doing our good deed by keeping you looking your best!

Thank us later!


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Featured Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash

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