RSVP'ing to New Year's Eve 2020

RSVP'ing to New Year's Eve 2020

Life’s good in Barbados.

Thanks to the stellar management of our government and health officials, we’re balancing life in a global pandemic quite well.

Simply, BIM is the place to be. Since opening our borders (or since everyone else’s borders reopened), we’ve seen eager travellers escaping shuttered cities and islands seeking out the peaceful paradise here.

This Holiday Season may look a bit different than those before, but with a few Old Year’s Night/New Year’s Eve events popping up, we decided to pull together some looks for whichever celebration you choose.


For Women

Partying The Night Away

Spheres Jacket
Thalita Stripe Maxi Dress
After Dark Dress


Staying In With A Glass of Wine

Sapphire Punto Trousers
Waterfall Dress
Living In Colour Dress
Blossom Floral Top & Trousers
Hopeless Trousers
Into The Wild Shorts


Attending A Private House Party

Gold Leaf Denim
Banana Pitta Linen Suit
 Wood Loose Jumpsuit


For Men

Partying The Night Away

Midnight Cuba Chino
Chambray Mod L/S Shirt
Sinola L/S Shirt


Staying In With A Glass of Wine

Bellevue Linen Shorts
Amnesia Printed T-Shirt


Asphalt Drifter Denim Shorts
Monochrome Maze Tee


    Attending A Private House Party

    Dark Sage Regular Cuba Chino
    Flamingo Party S/S Shirt


    Whichever you choose, remember to celebrate safely and, as always, stay stylish!

    Tashida ❤️

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