Our Safety & Sanitisation Commitment - COVID-19

Safety Protocols for South of London

The protocols outlined herein are for the safety of our clients to ensure proper sanitisation of the store during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Note: These guidelines are subject to change, as more information on the virus becomes known.


Cleaning and Sanitising:

  • At the end of each day all hard surfaces will be disinfected thoroughly
  • At the end of each workday all floors will be cleaned and disinfected
  • All hard surfaces and high touch areas i.e. POS terminals, Credit/Debit machines, door handles, checkout counters and shelves will be cleaned regularly throughout the day

Wearing of Masks:

  • All staff will wear a face mask at all times
  • All persons entering the store must wear a mask while inside the store

Entering the Store:

  • Upon entering the store, every client - whether browsing or shopping - must sanitise their hands either using their personal sanitiser or the Sani-Station provided.

Social Distancing:

  • Only 3 customers will be allowed into the store at any time. Groups of 3 or more persons must be from the same household.

Fitting Rooms:

  • Masks must be worn while trying on clothing. If makeup is worn, the mask, in addition to our disposable makeup masks must be worn.
  • No more than 3 items will be permitted into the Fitting Room at a time.
  • Unwanted clothing must be left in the Fitting Room for Isolation and/or Sanitisation by staff
  • ALL clothing which enters the Dressing Room (whether fitted by customer or not) must be Isolated AND steamed before returning to the rack
  • Fitting Rooms will be disinfected after each use

Returned Clothing:

  • Returned clothing will be isolated then steamed before returning to the display